Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Prime Billing and Medical Solutions based?


The Prime Billing office and staff are located in Dallas, TX, USA.

What sets Prime Billing above the competition?


Here at Prime Billing and Medical Solutions, we follow a result driven model that is powered heavily by team work and experience.

What kind of insurance follow up does your company do?


Despite higher than average accuracy and clean claim rates, today’s health insurance model demands that we fight for the claims that are not paid automatically. We pride ourselves on maintaining a level of skill and industry expertise that allows us to effectively work with payers to obtain the expected reimbursement for each claim.

How does Prime Billing reduce my costs and administration headaches?


We offer full-service revenue cycle and practice optimization solutions which are designed to reduce your overhead by cutting personnel requirements and eliminate your constant worry about reimbursement for each encounter.

What types of contracts and costs are involved?


Prime Billing is extremely competitive in the medical billing and solutions industry. When developing fee structures and contracts, we strive to offer the best possible terms for every client.

How soon can we get started? What will you need from me?


Upon learning the details of your practice, we will be able to determine how soon we can begin serving you, as well as collect any specific information that we may need from you.

How will I know if Prime Billing is doing a good job?


We will be happy to set up a schedule of monthly reports for your practice so that you can track our success.

Is it smart to let my billing go out to a medical billing company?


Industry experts agree it’s not only smart, it’s good business to focus on your core competencies, such as providing quality medical care – and outsource other functions, such as medical billing. It’s even smarter to outsource with Prime Billing because other medical billing companies may be based out of country and it can be a little challenging to get things done on time. Our office and staff are based out of Dallas, TX and can be contacted Monday – Friday between 7:00am and 4:00pm CST.

About Us


Prime Billing and Medical Solutions is a physician owned revenue cycle management company, located in Dallas, TX. Our team specializes in medical coding, billing, and collections for numerous specialties within the medical field. We are currently accepting new clients who are interested in optimizing their revenue flow.

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